What does the PW/PWD mean in Wrangler 13mwz & 936?

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Note: This will be a simple explanation post. If you want to learn more about the full differences between the most popular Wranglers, check my 936 vs 13mwz vs 47mwz article.

Now, onto the topic itself.

You’ve often seen Wrangler 13mwz having a 13mwzpw version. The same applies to the Wrangler 936den and the equally popular 936pwd jeans.

Both the ‘pw’ and ‘pwd’ initials mean the same: pre-washed.

Why did Wrangler add a ‘d’ on one of them? I have no idea and it’s actually quite strange!

I think a part of the confusion stems from here. If both were ‘pw’ or ‘pwd’, it’d be a clearer marketing strategy.

In any case, the ‘den’ part of the 936s stands for denim. To put it simply: the classic raw version of the brand’s popular denim. Though if we’re talking about classics, the right pair of jeans would be the 13mwz.

Wrangler 13MWZ

The most classic take on denim jeans you can get from Wrangler. Cheap and sturdy, the way jeans should feel like in the veins of decades of traditions.

So do this distinction matter? You might wonder whether these two different versions of the 936 or 13mwz have significant benefits or drawbacks.

Well, the answer is both yes and no.

Expanding a bit on what pre-washing actually means

The process of pre-washing jeans isn’t specific to Wrangler, but I believe they’re one of the brands that promoted it quite actively.

Basically, when jeans are manufactured the process goes through three main stages:

  • First, the design stage.
  • Second, the cut & sew stage.
  • Third and last, the pre-washing stage.

Pre-washing achieves two things when done properly.

First, it brightens the dark blue color of raw denim (also known as ‘bleeding’ the colors out). Second, it makes the denim a bit softer and easier to break in when you wear it.

Wrangler 13mwz vs 13mwzpw & Wrangler 936den vs 936pwd: What pre-washed actually means with these jeans.

A third benefit might be the reduction of so-called ‘crocking’. It sounds like something that has nothing to do with jeans, I know.

However, that’s the term for that irritating moment when the indigo dye rubs off your jeans to other surfaces. You might’ve seen it on walls or furniture, where the jeans have come in stronger direct contact with abrasive surfaces.

So, yes, pre-washing denim does help with crocking too.

Wrangler 936PWD

The pre-washed take on Wrangler's best slim fit cowboy cut jeans.

One drawback might be the actual longevity of pre-washed denim. Basically, you’ve bought a pair that’s gone through an abrasive process of applying wear and tear on them.

For many, the updated color and softness are worth the trade-off.

(You can learn more about pre-washing from this DenimHunters guide. They’re a great resource related to anything jeans.)

Raw denim vs pre-washed:
That much of a big deal looks-wise?

To some, it actually is. It can be a strong fashion statement.

Jeans culture can be slightly weird with its obsessions.

Some people really like the rigid feel of brand new dark blue jeans. There’s something mesmerizing about the clean look of pure raw denim, I fully agree.

Others are very keen on ‘fading’. Faded jeans have been in and out of fashion throughout the decades. A lot of modern Wrangler fans are enthusiastic about showing off their faded pair of jeans.

Pre-washing helps with that, obviously. Others, though, insist that faded looks have to be earned, not bought. In other words, you have to put your own mark on your pair of jeans.

Using Wranglers as work wear around the ranch or yard, wearing them throughout busy urban life…All of these are moments to be etched onto the pair of your everyday jeans. That’s how it goes.

In the end, it’s up to personal preference. If you prefer raw denim, get the ‘standard’ pair of Wrangler 936 or 13mwz jeans.

If you are keen on bright blue softness, the 936pwd or the 13mwzpw offer you the style choice you yearn for.